Soil Sampling

By on January 18, 2018

O’Sullivan Agri provide a soil sample analysis by teaming up with Yara Analytical Services, who have nearly 40 years’ experience in research and commercial analytical services, to focus on improving value and service for our customers.

Soil analysis gives the background knowledge on the chemical, physical and biological status of a soil that farmers need in order to properly manage their soils and crops. This produces an invaluable guide to lime, fertilizer and nutrient inputs.


We provide a Broad Spectrum (BS) soil analysis which includes:

  • P, K, Ca, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, Na, CEC, pH and Lime Requirement.


We also provide a basic analysis which supplies customers with:

  • pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and lime required.


Advantages of a soil analysis:

  • to allow a better fine tuning in terms of crop requirement.
  • to achieve a high nutrient efficiency.
  • to make the most of the crop’s potential in terms of yield and quality.


In short, soil testing provides the critical information required to ensure all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible. For more information please contact us.