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By on January 18, 2018


Silage Wrap

We stock Agri Choice Multi- Layer bale wrap.

  • Bales which are optimally closed due to the sealing effect. Smooth, overlapping edges prevent water from creeping in between the layers of film.May be an image of text that says 'CHOICE WRAP BALE LAYER MULTI CHOICE MULTI- WRAP BALE LAYER AGRI AGRI'
  • No annoying stickiness any longer. The special, gliding surface makes handling of the bales easier.
  • The new, one-sided gluing system reduces residue on your advance unit and therefore allows for perfect pre-stretching.
  • The excellent flow characteristics provide for trouble-free processing even under extreme conditions (moisture, temperature, bale size, bale shape).
  • The optimized stretch performance guarantees an especially high yield.
  • Premium quality polythene, for wrapping all types of silage and/or haylage.
  • Trouble free wrapping gives firm, secure bales.
  • Incorporates UV protection which guarantees resistance to degradation from sunlight.
  • Every roll is 1500 metres in length and 750 mm reel width.


Silage Covers

Our range of silage sheeting provides effective exclusion of air and water ensuring the production of top-quality silage. Sizes are available to fit all pit shapes. they are highly resistant to weathering and provide guaranteed UV-Stability.


  • 24′ x 75′
  • 36′ x 75′
  • 42′ x 75′
  • 46′ x 80′
  • 52′ x 80′
  • 60′ x 80′
  • 60′ x 100′
  • 60′ x 120′



We stock Piippo, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Piippo’s Hybrid Net Wrap is 15 – 20 % stronger than standard net wraps in the market, with a breaking strength of 290 kgf – 320 kgf. This increased strength means that less material is needed per bale and more money can be saved, with the Hybrid net wrap fitting into all types of balers. More than 10% better spreading on the bale combined with a high tensile strength guarantees minimal waste and excellent preservation of feed. Appropriate UV protection ensures the durability of bales during outdoor storage. The high quality is also reflected in the Hybrid Edge Master netwrap core strength and the airtightness of the packaging bag. They ensure that the reliability of the netwrap is not compromised even after long storage. It is available in 4600m rolls.

Hybrid Edge Master – Piippo – Focus on Feed


Net Replacement Film

Silawrap NRF adds extra layers of film tight around the barrel of the bale. This improves the Oxygen Barrier. The extra layers lead to better bale storage and improved quality silage. This gives better animal performance leading to increased profits by using this plastic film instead of net to hold a bale together and works on combination baler/wrapper units like the McHale Fusion 3 plus.  An added bonus of using this product as an alternative to the traditional use of net wrap is the single waste plastic product the user has to deal with when feeding out the bale silage. In excess of 20 million bales have been made with these products.,


Net Replacement Film (NRF)




Square Bailing Twine 7,200′

  • Continuous, smooth running twine that will help maximize baler productivity.
  • High strength yarn for maximum knotting performance.
  • Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very end.
  • Guaranteed Length.